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ClearSaves identified fentanyl test strips as an effective means of preventing fentanyl poisoning. The fentanyl test strips employed by ClearSaves provide users with a means of determining whether fentanyl is present in a substance within five minutes and have an accuracy rate of 99%. Part of ClearSaves’ mission is to provide these simple, accurate, and discrete tools as widely as possible to prevent fentanyl poisoning and to raise awareness about the prevalence of fentanyl contamination in many substances.


ClearSaves was founded on a simple principal, identify a problem and find a solution. The founders of ClearSaves were alarmed at the massive increase in deaths resulting from in ingestion of fentanyl across the United States. Many of those deaths are the result of fentanyl poisoning; the unintentional ingestion of fentanyl. With the prevention of fentanyl poisoning as the central purpose of ClearSaves mission, the founders focused in on providing free and anonymous access to testing mechanisms for use by the public.


ClearSaves is actively seeking out members of various communities to partner with to facilitate the distribution of fentanyl test strips at no cost to the public. Communications with local government, community leaders, concerned parents, business owners, and activists assist ClearSaves in identifying communities in need and how best to provide these life saving fentanyl test strips to the public. Though ClearSaves’ operations have commenced in Orange County, California, our services expand to serve counties across the State and thereafter across the United States. ClearSaves will continue to foster on open dialog with the public officials, communities members, and those impacted by fentanyl poisoning in order to identify communities most in need and expand the tools and resources to be provided.  


ClearSaves is an altruistic nonprofit endeavor fervently committed to engendering positive change within society by championing harm reduction. Through its innovative modus operandi, ClearSaves aspires to furnish the populace with vital resources that facilitate the safeguarding of human lives from the perilous peripheries of the opioid crisis.

At its core, ClearSaves ardently endeavors to distribute fentanyl test strips with utmost ubiquity, thereby ensuring widespread access and anonymity for the recipients. These test strips, imbued with a formidable capacity to detect the presence of fentanyl in substances, bestow upon individuals an invaluable opportunity to make informed decisions concerning their own safety and well-being.

By enabling anonymous access to these test strips via dispenser units strategically stationed in publicly accessible spaces, ClearSaves obviates the barriers that impede individuals from availing themselves of this life-saving resource.

The overarching objective of ClearSaves can be distilled into three fundamental goals.

By providing fentanyl test strips to the public, ClearSaves endeavors to empower individuals to embark upon a journey of self-protection and personal agency. By proffering the means to discern the presence of fentanyl, the organization imparts crucial knowledge that can equip users to make informed choices, thereby mitigating the potential for inadvertent harm or fatality.

In summary, ClearSaves aspires to revolutionize the landscape of harm reduction by championing the widespread availability of fentanyl test strips through the judicious utilization of dispenser units. By empowering individuals, transforming societal attitudes, and fostering community cohesion, endeavors to mitigate the devastating consequences of the opioid crisis and engender a more compassionate and informed society.

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